2019 The 2nd International Conference on Composite Materials Science and Technology (ICCMST 2019)

来源:ICCMST 2019


会议名称:2019 The 2nd International Conference on Composite Materials Science and Technology (ICCMST 2019)

2019第二届复合材料科技国际研讨会(ICCMST 2019)




具体地点:Tokyo University of Science




联系人:Ms. Iris Taylor




2019 The 2nd International Conference on Composite Materials Science and Technology (ICCMST 2019) will be held in Tokyo University of Science, Japan, during May 22-25, 2019. It is a great pleasure for ICCMST to invite prospective authors initiating the discussion on the challenges that need to be timely overcome and addressing key questions in the field of Composite Materials Science and Technology.

ICCMST is a remarkable event which facilitates the exchanges of ideas, novel and practical techniques and applications in various fields of advanced materials including but limited to composite materials and nanomaterials, chemical and materials engineering, nanotechnology etc. ICCMST 2018 has been listed in Sciencemeeting Online .


Smart Composites

Experimental Methods

Morphing of Composites

Composite Structures

Simulation in Composites

Cement Based Composites

Damage and Fracture

Failure of Composites

Experimental Techniques

Industrial Applications

Metal Matrix Composites

Recycling and Sustainability

Repair and Joining Techniques

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Lignocellulosic and Green Composites

Carbon and Ceramic Matrix Composites

Processing and Manufacturing Technologies

Auxetic Materials and Structures

Bio-inspired Design of Composites

Damage in Composites Structures

Novel Composite Architectures

Advanced Numerical Techniques

Plate and Shell Finite Elements

Optimization Techniques and Methods

Durability of Composite Materials

Dynamics of Composite Materials

FRP and Historic Masonry Structures

FRP Reinforced Concrete Structures

Composite Structures in Civil Engineering

Durability, Aging and Aggressive Environment

Functionally Graded Materials and Structures

Health Monitoring Techniques in Composite Structures

Multiscale Analysis of Natural Fibre Composites

Analysis of Wood and Natural Fibre Composites

Laminated Composites with Material Uncertainties

Thermal Problems on Composite Structures

Analysis of Composite Beams, Plates and Shells

Adaptive Functionally Graded Materials and Structures

Modelling of Nano Composites

Composites in Innovative Applications

Variable Stiffness Composite Laminates

Marine Applications of Composites

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) of Composite

Electro-thermal Properties of Composite Materials

Modelling and Characterization of CNT-Polymer Composites

Experimental Analysis of Laminated Plate and Shell Structures